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  • Does Gregory offer personal readings?
    Yes, he does! He uses a combination of astrology, tarot, and numerology. Please visit the Readings page to view the selection of offers.
  • Does Gregory do palm readings?
    Yes, he does! Please visit the Special Services page to find the purchase option and instructions.
  • Does Gregory do curse removals, and what are they?"
    Yes, he does! Please visit the Services Offered tab in the menu bar to find the description and purchase option.
  • What if I need an immediate reading and can't wait?
    Gregory can deliver a session within 24 hours, but will charge more. This option is located near the bottom of the Readings page, under Emergency Readings.
  • Is Gregory affiliated with any religion or does he exclude anyone from getting a reading?
    No, he is not affiliated with any religion and does not exclude anyone from a reading. All are welcome!
  • If I write in to Gregory with personal information, is it confidential?"
    Gregory has an assistant that helps him with all of his incoming email traffic. While she may see and read your email, you can rest assured your information is confidential and will get directed to Gregory when necessary. As an added note, there is a lot of email that comes in daily. If you're worried about disclosing your information, please don't be. Gregory's assistant is sensitive to your privacy concerns and can rarely remember what she ate for breakfast, much less all the sensitive details you may be concerned about. She makes sure that what she reads in an email, STAYS in the email, and she files the information where it needs to go so Gregory can perform his best for you!
  • Does Gregory take payments outside of PayPal?
    Yes, payments can be made via debit or credit card, as well as Google Pay and Apple Pay.
  • May I utilize a payment plan for a session?
    No, not at this time. The system is not set up to track payment plans, but there are multiple pricing points and time slots available for most budgets. Please the Readings tab in the menu bar for prices and a complete description of everything that is offered.
  • I don't live in the UK. How do I pay in my currency, and how do I figure out the exchange rate?"
    You are in luck! PayPal does this for you. If you want a general idea of what the cost will be in your own currency before you buy, you can you quickly Google how much your currency is worth against the British Pound. Once you've decided to make the purchase, PayPal will take the guess work out of it for you!
  • Does Gregory use tarot, astrology, and numerology in all of his readings, or may I choose just one or a combination of these? "
    Yes, he does use all three, but he can also accommodate whichever combination you request.
  • Does Gregory do in-person, face-to-face readings?"
    No, not at this time. However, Gregory does offer multiple options for session deliveries: live Skype video, Skype telephone (without the video), pre-recorded video, and mp3 recordings.
  • I really want a recording of my session so I can refer back to it. How do I do this?
    Wonderful question, and one we get almost daily! The good news is that you don't have to do a thing. Gregory records each session as an mp3 and will send it to you when your reading is complete.
  • I've never done this before. What do I need to do to prepare, and what can I expect at the time of my session?"
    Believe it or not, this process is very easy. Once you decide on the way you would like your session delivered, all you need to do is be ready to receive Gregory's incoming call (if you've chosen Skype, Zoom or telephone) and wait at your scheduled time. You do not need to call him or worry with anything, except making sure your Skype is working properly if you've chosen that method. If you've chosen a pre-recorded video or mp3 session, then that will be delivered at some point on the day of your scheduled session, via a link in an email, and you need to do nothing except check your email.
  • I don't live in the UK. How do I figure out a good time with the time difference between where I live and where Gregory lives?
    This is automatically figured out for you! Gregory delivers session all over the world and is used to working with the different time zones. All you need to do is make sure you are ready at your appointed time, if you have chosen a live session.
  • What tarot decks does Gregory currently own?
    This is a question that is asked a lot! Here is a current list of Gregory's collection, which is updated each time he receives a new deck. Radiant Rider Waite Morgan Greer The Green Witch Tarot Thoth Tarot Connelly Tarot The Goddess Tarot Tarot of the Spirit The Atlantis Tarot The Mystical Tarot The Golden Dawn Tarot The Alice in Wonderland Tarot The Wildwood Tarot The Robinwood Tarot The Celtic Tarot The Patch Tarot The Wheel of the Year Tarot The Handel Tarot The Gay Tarot The China Tarot The Sacred India Tarot The Legends Tarot The Cat People Tarot The Wild Unknown Tarot The Manga Tarot The Mystical Manga Tarot The Osho Zen Tarot The Good Tarot The Sorcerers Tarot The Cosmic Tarot The Fairy Tarot The Truth Seeker’s Tarot The Crow Tarot The Shadowscapes Tarot The Classic Tarot The Rider Waite Tarot The Starman Tarot
  • I'm curious about Gregory's birthdate and natal chart. Is he willing to share this?
    This question comes in quite often, so he has shared his birth chart. Gregory's birthday: September 8, 1981
  • How or where did Gregory learn astrology, numerology, and tarot, and can he recommend his sources?"
    Gregory is mostly self-taught, but he recommends the International Faculty of Astrology in London as a distance learning organization. Book recommendations: Contemporary Astrologers Handbook by Sue Thompkins Learning the Tarot by Joan Bunning Numerology and the Divine Triangle by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker Astrology for Yourself by Bloch and George
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