This Service Offers You:

  • An active symbol placed on your spiritual body, sent to you via email, along with instructions on how to use it


A curse is something that’s real and not real at the same time. It is a negative emotion that feels separate to your true self. There may be a sense that everything you do is under some dark cloud. Success eludes you in every area of life. A force outside of yourself seems to be making your life difficult. Negative energy can be sent by others just as positive energy can be sent. This can affect you negatively. When you add in your own belief of being "cursed’’, you cement this energy and it becomes something you keep alive by pouring your energy and belief into it. 


This service is delivered within 2-3 weeks of purchase.

Curse Removal

  • The first thing Gregory will need after your purchase is your permission to do this work, so that he has access to your energy.

    He also needs a few brief details:

    • Full Name
    • Date of Birth
    • The main way the Curse manifests itself in your life
    • How long it’s been there
    • If you think it has come from another person or is a karmic influence.

    He will then connect with your energy and do a scan of what is actually going on.

    Depending on what he discovers, he will connect with his Higher Power to ask for guidance and permission to take appropriate action by working with both your angels and guides to remove this negative energy.

    Once that’s done he'll ask his helpers to shield you. He will also be given a unique symbol that is specific to you, which he will then draw on your energetic, soul body.

    Once this symbol is placed, it is irrevocably connected to you and cannot be removed.

    The whole process should take him no longer than 30 minutes.

    He will work on you within 2-3 weeks of receiving your information and will email you the symbol and instructions on how to visualize it within your own spiritual body so that it is activated.

    Once you’ve done your part, the symbol will be active and placed irrevocably in your soul body. You will be shielded and protected from any past, present, or future curses in all realms and dimensions of time.

    This is a very liberating process that will free you to live your life the way you’re meant to live it.