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Palmistry, or palm reading, is a wonderful divination system that allows you to gaze deeply into the mind of whose palm you're reading. Neural pathways in the brain are reflected in the palms of your hands, and that’s why the lines on your hands change too. By looking at the palms, I’m able to see what’s destined for you in love, career and intellect, life mission, and the quality of your life. Predicting death is something that is difficult to do with palm reading, but it’s very accurate when it comes to predicting the birth of a child or what your future family circumstances will look like. 


Regular sessions have a 6-month wait list. Priority sessions are within 7 days.

Palm Reading

  • Please be aware that all REGULAR readings are currently on a 6-7 month wait list.  If you wish to have a reading sooner, then the PRIORITY or EMERGENCY readings will be suitable.  PRIORITY readings are performed within 10 days of purchase.  Emergency readings are performed within 72 hours.  

    There is a firm NO-REFUND policy, but you may upgrade your session at any time.