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Understanding your astrological birth chart gives you access to your soul purpose. By examining this blue print of who you are, you'll see where you're coming from on a spiritual level and where you're going.


This Session Offers You:

  • Answers to questions you have about any aspect of your life.
  • In-depth natal chart analysis
  • Life and soul purpose guidance
  • Astrocartography
  • Future Trends via your progressed chart and transits
  • Future Trends via your solar return chart


This session can be scheduled live over zoom, skype or the telephone. You can also schedule it as a pre-recorded video.


To draw up your astrological birth chart your date of birth, place of birth and time of birth are needed. If you do not know your time of birth, please order a birth rectification prior to purchasing this reading.

Regular 45-Minute Reading

  • Please be aware that all regular readings are currently on a 2 month wait list. If you'd like to have your reading sooner, priority readings are completed within 10 days and emergency readings within 48 hours. 

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