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Tarot provides the answers to your life. It consists of 78 cards that represent the whole human experience. The cards can be used to unravel the themes of the human journey and provide concrete guidance for your life.


This will include looking at the secrets of the past, examining the present and forecasting the successes of the future. The tarot will highlight energies that are already present in your life that you might not be aware of, and need to be learned from and assimilated before you can move forward. Pinpointing these opportunities enables you to channel these energies in to a future you desire.

The tarot looks at all aspects of life. It gives insight into the innermost self and personality, change and circumstances, love life, career, money, family, travel and spirituality. Interpreting these symbolic messages to your advantage will enable you to strategically move forward with your life purpose.

The tarot always provides answers. Whether you want a reading on a specific question or an open reading to give you guidance, the information is ready to come through. All you need do is listen. Readings can be done in person, by video or remotely via the telephone or Skype.

During my years of working with the tarot, I have discovered secret meanings to the cards. You can find out what these exclusive meanings are in the video linked below.

The Intuitive Tarot Expert Course (ITEC)

Most people find the prospect of learning the meanings of the 78 tarot cards a daunting task. Many feel overwhelmed by the prospect of memorising so many different meanings and ask themselves, ”When will I use this? Is it really worth the time I would have to invest?”

Fortunately, learning this transformative and spiritual tool is now easily accessible through the Intuitive Tarot Expert Course. In a series of 3 life-changing lessons, you gain access to this intuitive tool that will inform your life for as long as you have questions that need answering.

The first lesson briefly examines the history of the cards and dives straight into the practical side of the tarot. The major arcana is broken down in to easily manageable parts to facilitate understanding and accessibility.

Lesson two covers the minor arcana and introduces a unique method for remembering the cards and assigning meanings to them, even if the traditional meanings are forgotten. We briefly cover symbolic interpretation in connection to using the cards.

In the third and final lesson we look at the card spreads and combining card meanings to begin building the narrative of an interpretive reading, whether this is for yourself, friends or family or your own clients! We discuss intuition, the nature of the subconscious mind and your growth moving forward.

Learn how to use this wonderful system that incorporates all aspects of life and provides support and guidance not only for yourself, but to those around you.

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